Joy on
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Harmony at the Heart of Life

Gentleness, simplicity, efficiency

Essence de Bach

Natural essences composed of quality organic ingredients for harmonizing emotions.

Essence de Bach synergistically results in the marriage of Bach Flowers and the technology of structured water. Structured water potentiates the effect of Bach’s Flowers by increasing their absorption through the cells.

This assists the body in dissolving crystallized emotions, where the behavioral difficulty and physical unease originates.

At the heart of Emotions

The name of each Essence corresponds to a particular feeling. The daily use of an essence provides a gradual release of emotions present within the animal.


Protocols for behaviour problems.



The base essence, for anxiety or a big cleanup before diving in more deeply, Trauma is generally used prior to the other essences. It assists in dissolving the first thick layer composed of traumas and shocks that date back to birth. Trauma guides the animal towards dissolution and opens them up to new experiences.


*** If your animal presents an important behaviour problem, we suggest you consult a behaviour counsellor who will guide you towards the right essence.

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A Gentle Liberation

During their lives, animals are exposed to different situations that can trigger many emotions. We need only think about their adoption, that critical moment when they hastily leave their environment, their mother and siblings to embark upon a new adventure. We can easily imagine the disarray and loss of references they may feel. Visits to the vet gone wrong, being attacked by another animal, thunderstorms or other experiences can trigger significant reactions. Stress, anxiety, and aggression are very significant examples in pets.

Just like with humans, repressed emotions get crystallized within the glandular and nervous systems and create layers within the body, similar to that of an onion and its peels. The core of the onion corresponds to innate intelligence, the essence, the heart. Layers gradually amass around the core as the animal has strong emotional experiences. Essence de Bach are an opportunity to progressively assist in releasing those layers so that the animal can reconnect with their inner joy on a daily basis.


Unique Essences

Bach Flowers are a set of 38 essences, each one being harvested under very specific conditions.

When used on an animal or human body, they release the emotions causing unease. Dr. Edward Bach, a physician, surgeon, and researcher, has been sharing Bach Flowers with humanity since 1932. They are increasingly being used worldwide.

Energized Structured Water

The natural action of water tumbling over rocks, down waterfalls, flowing through twists and turns as it actively descends a mountain actually structures water. Water molecules are free to move and “dance with nature” in an energetically alive, fresh and vibrant manner. Through this process, the molecular structure of water is changed to reflect less surface tension, neutralized toxins, cleared memory and balance on a particle level.

By structuring water it restores the molecules to their true original and energized state.

The result is water with more energy while offering increased hydration and conduction.

A Natural Preservative

Apple cider vinegar is renowned for its amazing preservative qualities. It is the perfect ally allowing for the creation of alcohol-free products that are safe for animals while ensuring quality antimicrobial activity.

In addition, apple cider vinegar contributes to maintaining good general health by improving digestion and reducing the risk of infection.

Return to Essence

The body’s layers of protection are superimposed just like that of an onion and its’ peels. For each layer, there’s a particular emotion that corresponds to a specific Essence de Bach.

It’s preferable to target the predominant emotion and choose the Essence that will optimally harmonize it before moving on to the next layer. By trying to act too quickly on several emotions at the same time, the result will be diluted, reduced.

Gentleness and specificity are therefore the qualities favored by Essence de Bach to gradually assist the animal, step by step, in dissolving emotions to return to a simple and vibrant ‘joie de vivre’ (joy of living).