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The base essence, for anxiety or a big cleanup before diving in more deeply, Trauma is generally used prior to the other essences. It assists in dissolving traumas and shocks that date back to birth. Trauma guides the animal towards dissolution and opens them up to new experiences.

*** If your animal presents an important behaviour problem, we suggest you consult a behaviour counsellor who will guide you towards the right essence.

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1. Add 3 drops to a large bowl of water or water cooler daily for 3 weeks. *For HORSES, add drops to molasses.

N.B. It’s important to take a break after each treatment.

As an emergency treatment in case of shock or panic attack: dilute 3 drops in a cup of liquid or molasses, then put 3 drops in the mouth, and repeat every 5 to 15 minutes until effective.


Actives: Star-of-Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Clematitis, Impatiens Non-Actives: Water, Apple cider vinegar

Suggestions for ease of use

  • Should you have more than one animal, only use 3 drops in the drinking bowl. The elixir will act upon those animals who need it without affecting the others.
  • If the animal is sensitive to taste or refuses to drink, use the 1-2-3 rule: add 1 drop in the bowl the first day, 2 drops the following day and 3 drops on the third day. Gradually, the animal will become accustomed to the taste. You can also use broth or hide it in canned food.
  • If the animal refuses to drink or seems nauseous, a consultation with your veterinarian is recommended.


  • Contributes to the maintenance of good health and well-being.
  • Recommended for cats, dogs and horses.
  • Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use in horses destined for food.
  • Caution: Do not use in immature, pregnant or lactating animals.
  • Flower essence remedy.
  • Store at room temperature (15°C-30°C).
  • Keep away from direct light.


Dès son adoption, Monsieur Tuxédo détruisait les tapis et autres objets dans la maison… Il montrait de la frustration et jappait beaucoup avec un son aigu et strident qui dérangeait…

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Kina a toujours été très anxieuse de nature : jappement sur toutes les personnes portant des capuches, quand il y avait un bruit ou quelque chose d’inhabituel dans son environnement,…

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