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Animal Essences recommended for the gentleness, simplicity, security, and efficiency.

Essence de Bach proposes a complementary product to any animal behavioral rehabilitation program devised by a behaviorist or veterinarian.

  • The essences beautifully interact with other products currently available on the market.
  • They can harmoniously be added to any behavioral intervention plan, whether it be with or without prescription medication.

These essences are safe, easy to use, and free of any known interactions with other medications.

Daily administration is vital to obtaining optimal effects. Mere contact with the essence, once or twice daily, with the tongue or gums is sufficient.

Three drops in a large bowl of cold water or a water fountain, every day, is the best method of administration. Another option is to use broth (if permitted) or to add the drops to some moist food (i.e., molasses for horses).

  • Whether for one, two or more animals, the same dosage is required. Do not worry as the water bowl containing the drops will assist the entire household and will not affect those who don’t need it!
  • Forgotten dose? Simply administer the dose as soon as possible and then continue the treatment as prescribed.
  • Too big a dose? Don’t worry, the more profound relaxation will dissipate the next day.
  • The animal refuses to drink the water containing the essence? It’s possible your animal is suffering from a concealed ailment. Certain conditions such as acid reflux, acidity, or stomach ulcers are asymptomatic. We recommend that you consult a veterinarian.

The components

Bach Flower Essences

For almost a century now, Bach Flowers have been used for their unique action on human and animal emotions.

Dr. Edward Bach, a medical surgeon who graduated from the School of Medicine in the early 20th century, practiced several years in medicine, surgery, immunology, bacteriology to then move on to herbal medicine and homeopathy.

Displeased with the various treatments available at the time which, too often, seemed to cause undesirable effects with mediocre success rates, he retired from traditional practice.

Dr. Bach had concluded that physical unease is directly related to emotions. His inspiration: discover a product that was safe, simple, and with little or no side effects that would act upon the origin of these dis-eases: emotions.

Guided by his intuition and experience, it was nature that offered the inspiration for the completion of the 38 Bach Flower Essences. Today, we draw upon the fruit of his experiences to offer products that are gentle, simple, easy to use, and safe for pets.


A body, whether it be human or animal, is composed of over 70% water; its need for hydration is considerable and constant.

Essence de Bach uses water as its base component in all recipes. When the drops are consumed, water becomes a critical ally as it transports the essences to their place of action.

Water offers essential qualities in terms of hydration and absorption which is reflected in Bach Essences. The essences therefore easily and rapidly find themselves at the heart of the cells due to the water’s unique characteristics.

Organic apple cider vinegar

All Essence de Bach products are made from organic apple cider vinegar; a preservative that’s renowned both for its antibacterial properties as well as its effects on digestion.

Mother of Vinegar is an integral part of our products. Also called Mycoderma aceti, it contains significant amounts of mineral nutrients and vitamins conducive to optimal health.

The appearance of this substance will take on the form of a mucoid texture in the bottles. You can remove the clot (if you wish) and continue using the product without any health risks.

Gently stirring the product will permit the agglutinated fibers to detach and the clot will dissolve.

An opportunity to return to the Heart

Pets are highly sensitive beings. The modern lifestyle trend consisting of work, eat, sleep, repeat, comes with a high-stress level for humans that reflects upon our pets in a particular way.

Emotional and behavioral ailments with pets have been on the rise for a few decades now. Their high sensitivity predisposes them to anxiety, sadness, anger, and other emotions.

Nowadays, emotional conditions are regularly diagnosed and treated by veterinarians. Behaviorists are often involved in the rehabilitation plan.

More and more scientists are exploring the animal’s emotional and behavioral issue. Research is on the rise; however therapies are slower to develop.

Available products are limited as their purpose aims to temporarily reduce the animal’s unfavorable behavior and is often prescribed for a prolonged period.

This is where Essence de Bach offers additional assistance to pets.

By assisting with the gradual dissolution of the source emotions of these disorders, these products will create an opening so that a behavioral change can take place in gentleness and with less resistance.

Choosing the appropriate Bach Essence product is essential and must match the emotions present in the animal.

Thus, the animal can live in the present moment and can once again enjoy exploring the world through joy and without fear.

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